A look at what exactly makes a great gift


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A look at what exactly makes a great gift

If there’s a moment in the year to be thinking about how to please our loved ones, the approach to Christmas is definitely it. Of course, whenever you are faced with buying a gift, you want to hit the nail on the head and give something unforgettable.

Remember, a good gift doesn’t necessarily have to be very expensive or over the top. Indeed, whether you’re buying a set of knives the bride-to-be asked for, or a trip to Rome your dad never dared to dream of, what’ll need to shine through is your thoughtfulness and attention to detail. This can get a bit trickier at Xmas time, when you need to show this amount of care for many dear ones around you! To clear out a bit of the confusion, we’ve looked at what makes the perfect present…

A surprise is not always a good idea... The truth is, if your loved one has explicitly asked for something, or even better (or worse?) shared a wish list, you’ll be better off sticking to that. While the intention counts, and you may want to be extra original by straying from the list, you may send the wrong message by doing so (“I see you know what you want, but I know better”). Sticking to the list doesn’t mean you’re making less efforts, it just means you’re sure to help that person or couple receive what they truly need or desire – nothing wrong with that! If you want, you can always add a little personal touch with a card or homemade good.

… But it very often is. If a close one hasn’t expressed any particular desire for Christmas, you can dare to go bold and give something completely unexpected! That does broaden the choice, but if you need help finding the ideal gift, it’s worth having a look online. Chances are, you’ll find getaways, experiences, funky gadgets and useful appliances for unbeatable prices. When choosing, try and remember what the giftee loves, or could use. It could be anything from a giant tub of Jelly Beans for the sweet tooth, to a night for two in a southern manor for those who need to relax, or a brand-new pair of trainers for the fitness addict!

No need to spend all your savings. Now there are some good news! While gifters may be tempted to spend more in a belief that it makes for more memorable gifts, studies have shown that there is little correlation between how much someone will remember a gift, and how much that gift cost… So, no need to empty your bank account! Put thought, personality, time and care into your gift buying, and chances are you’ll receive a million times more gratitude than if you splash on the first expensive piece of jewellery you come across…

Recycling is OK. This one may take some time to get used to, but believe it or not some researchers have shown that gifters usually don’t mind if their gift is later passed on – rather that than have it thrown away! The reality is, any gift will have more valour if passed on to someone who actually uses it. Someone who gave you a gift doesn’t necessarily need to know that you’re passing it on, but chances are, they wouldn’t even mind. So, no more feeling guilty: do pass on that carved wooden pen to a writer, that kitchen gadget to a cook, those earrings to someone who actually has pierced ears…

Feeling more relaxed about your gift buying now? Just apply these simple tips to your loved ones, and to bring it all together, remember to allocate a budget to all, and stick to it. That’s it!